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About Us

CANO was created for the sole purpose of providing canning solutions to Micro/Nano Breweries. Based in Arizona and having worked directly with small commercial Breweries, we understood the need for a canning line that did not exist. This line needed to be small in size and provide the highest quality fills while being affordable. With our mission defined and our vision clear, these three qualities became the CANO brand’s pillars.

Our Mission

The CANO system was created to provide: 

  1. The highest quality fills and seams with repeatable consistency
  2. The smallest footprint frame commercially available 
  3. True economy in the initial cost and low maintenance needs due to our KEEP IT SIMPLE design and engineering ethos 

Small and Portable

We use a 48”x 24” stainless steel frame on locking casters, which allows it to be wheeled anywhere, behind the bar, in your walk-in, hallway, or between your tanks – we’ve done all of them. Collapsible shelves provide an additional 4 feet work surface when up.

The cleaning system and Air compressor are contained within and travel with the frame to your canning destination.

Highest quality fills

We sanitize cans at rinse station, pre-purge the cans with Co2, fill only two at a time with closed-ended nozzles, and move them under auto lid dispense to auto seamer 20 inches away for immediate seaming. This short distance from fill to seam together with proper lid placement on foam provides exceptionally low DO levels with exceptionally high repeatability.


Through our Keep It Simple design Ethos, we quickly identified items on other lines that were overly complicated = costly, or just not needed. That allowed us to focus only on the items that were necessary to our objective. Which is to simply can beer in a small area with no drama, be cleaned up, and put away, that’s it! By focusing only on these items, we are able to keep costs to a minimum while developing an incredibly unique system that’s proudly made in the USA. Due to the clean and simple approach to the design, we also anticipate very low maintenance costs. We know that packaging is just one of MANY tasks small business owners have to do. We want that to be as easy, as simple, and as boring an event you will have all day.

Product Details

Control Panel

Control Panel

  • Waterproof control panel with pneumatic controls integrated for protection and connected directly to the built-in compressor
  • PlC controlled by touch screen HMI
  • Proprietary software that is both intuitive and comprehensive in allowing operator full control
  • Comes with a 50-foot power cord, only a single 120-volt GFCI outlet required to power the entire line


  • Dual co2 pre-purge nozzles
  • Dual closed-end fill nozzles to maintain low DO levels
  • Fill 16oz or 12oz cans
Lid Despenser

Lid Dispenser

  • Automated lid dispenser, dispenses 2 lids/ cycle
  • Accepts full sleeve of lids
  • Designed to use standard 202 lids
  • Positioned only 7” away from fill nozzles and placing lids at the correct angle, on foam to maintain low DO levels
  • Easily repositioned for either 16oz or 12oz cans


Patent-pending design includes:

  • Low voltage servo drive motor with HMI controlled RPM
  • Industry-standard rollers for the highest quality, repeatable seams
  • Capable of seaming both 12oz and 16oz cans


Proudly Made in the USA


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